Crystal Sphere of the Seer

How to Read the Crystal or: Crystal and Seer With a Concise Dictionary of Astrological Terms by Sepharial (1922) “… it may be said that the clairvoyant faculty is constitutional and already fully developed, waiting only the circumstances which shall serve to bring it into active play, Emanuel Swedenborg, if we remember rightly, was 54 years of age before …

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Red-Gold Eyes

“The following night, after dinner, I experienced the same sensation of sleepiness, and felt almost as if I had been drugged. It was impossible for me to keep awake, so I again asked to be excused! On this occasion, after I had retired, a curious thing happened. I dreamed—or at least I suppose I dreamed—that …

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Evolutionary Impulses

A Message of Great Importance  by Alois P. Swoboda (1921) Key to a Deeper Understanding of Human Nature,  Will Power, Initiative, Originality, Conscious Energy. The Subtle Principle of Success and Conscious Evolution. For your personal advantage, be very careful to avoid putting a negative interpretation on my statements. A negative interpretation gives them a meaning the …

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Sagittarius and Crystal Dew

Thought Transference See my post on Sagittarius and Silica Note that: Paracelsus collected Celestial dew which had gleamed under sun or moon according to the zodiac desired. The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation: Parts One and Two by George W. Carey (1845-1924) and Inez Perry Image from a painting La Cigale by Leon Perrault

The Eye of Conscious Energy

The Subtle Principle of Success by Alois P. Swoboda (1873-1938)   Perfection Wisdom Liberty This is a definite and complete explanation and elucidation of the Subtle Principle of Success And how to use it for your personal advantage and supremacy. Discoverer of the origin, nature, powers, characteristics, laws, principles and function of Conscious Energy. ADVANTAGEOUS …

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