Glame Glamouring

Glame is vibrant, pulsating. Glame is also named Vril or Magnetism ~ Personal, Hypnotic Power. Read the 17 points of  stopping Magnetism Leakage on my author website, written by Edmund Shaftesbury (1852-1926). Glame Glamour Glamouring ~ archaic a magick spell; charm, fascination, lure, magnetism, enchant, witchery thrilling beauty. “They looked, and perceived by a glame that a venerable form, in …

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Crystal Sphere of the Seer

How to Read the Crystal or: Crystal and Seer With a Concise Dictionary of Astrological Terms by Sepharial (1922) “… it may be said that the clairvoyant faculty is constitutional and already fully developed, waiting only the circumstances which shall serve to bring it into active play, Emanuel Swedenborg, if we remember rightly, was 54 years of age before …

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