Glame Glamouring

Glame is vibrant, pulsating. Glame is also named Vril or Magnetism ~ Personal, Hypnotic Power. Read the 17 points of  stopping Magnetism Leakage on my author website, written by Edmund Shaftesbury (1852-1926). Glame Glamour Glamouring ~ archaic a magick spell; charm, fascination, lure, magnetism, enchant, witchery thrilling beauty. “They looked, and perceived by a glame that a venerable form, in …

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Red-Gold Eyes

“The following night, after dinner, I experienced the same sensation of sleepiness, and felt almost as if I had been drugged. It was impossible for me to keep awake, so I again asked to be excused! On this occasion, after I had retired, a curious thing happened. I dreamed—or at least I suppose I dreamed—that …

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Evolutionary Impulses

A Message of Great Importance  by Alois P. Swoboda (1921) Key to a Deeper Understanding of Human Nature,  Will Power, Initiative, Originality, Conscious Energy. The Subtle Principle of Success and Conscious Evolution. For your personal advantage, be very careful to avoid putting a negative interpretation on my statements. A negative interpretation gives them a meaning the …

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