Roman Glass

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Probably the most early common use was in imitation of stones, as the emerald, lapis lazuli, crystal, murra, opal, carbunculus, topaz, jasper, hyacinthus, obsidian, sapphire, pearls, onyx, and many others, for the adornment of objects, for earrings, rings, baubles, cups, amulets, and other articles,

Roman glass has been unearthed throughout the empire with wonderful findings in Israel. The  Mediterranean blues and greens and purples make one think of Roman gods.

Roman Glass Jerusalem Cross Pendant Sterling Silver

Roman Glass ‘Pomegranate’ Pendant – Sterling Silver

Stunning handmade sterling silver biblical pendant created in the shape of a Pomegranate with authentic Roman glass background.

King Solomon is said to have designed his crown based on the “crown” of the pomegranate.

The shards of glass inlaid in this piece originate from 2000 year old fragments of glass vessels discovered on archaeological digs in the Holy Land.

These beautifully hand-crafted pendants are straight from the land of Israel – the land of the Bible.

Size: 1.3″ inch / 3.5 cm.
Weight: 5.8 gram.
Roman glass jewelry from Israel.
Own a unique piece of Holy Land history.

Young’s Literal Translation Song of Solomon 6:11
Unto a garden of nuts I went down, To look on the buds of the valley, To see whither the vine had flourished, The pomegranates had blossomed —

Young’s Literal Translation 7:12
We lodge in the villages, we go early to the vineyards, We see if the vine hath flourished, The sweet smelling-flower hath opened. The pomegranates have blossomed, There do I give to thee my loves;

Roman Glass ‘Pomegranate’ Pendant – Sterling Silver


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