Thyself Haunted Bluebell Sachet

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Thyself  Haunted Bluebell Sachet

Free Crochet Pattern by Dianthe Bells


Disenthralled with being haunted and assailed? Haunt yourself for a change. Thyself Haunted Bluebell Sachet is a parlour crochet pattern concocted for your boudoir pleasure. Only dainty scraps are required, but they are deadly specific—pure silk ribbon in moonlight cream stained with old tears. You will also form poufs of ribbon to represent dead flowers from a tear-sodden bridal bouquet. Sob while you load black wool felt with wanton bluebell fragrance of the damp woods. French blue silk satin transposes into an inner bluebell pouch. Why? What for? Let us continue… Entirely hand sewn with despondent silk thread. Made with your hands, your breath, your unspoken words, and no doubt a prick of your own blood.

Wise words on how to haunt a ruby which is kept as a charmer, sealed within the sachet. Keep sachet in your lingerie drawer and know its lonely music.


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