Evolutionary Impulses

A Message of Great Importance 

by Alois P. Swoboda (1921)

Key to a Deeper Understanding of Human Nature,  Will Power, Initiative, Originality, Conscious Energy. The Subtle Principle of Success and Conscious Evolution.

For your personal advantage, be very careful to avoid putting a negative interpretation on my statements. A negative interpretation gives them a meaning the reverse of truth. Your greatest advantage lies in giving my explanations a constructive interpretation.

The mailer contained in this booklet originated by me. All rights reserved. Alois P. Swoboda.

I originated this  type of evolution—consciously and purposefully and deliberately harnessed and employed and activated it.

Conscious Evolution is the purposeful and conscious and deliberate use of evolutionary Impulses and evolutionary factors and evolutionary influences and evolutionary stresses of a progressive and positive character.

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